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About: Bio


I am a dedicated and hardworking 3D modeler, specializing in planning and architecture.

Having to move from one nation to another - from Uzbekistan to Israel

to the United States, has reinforced my fascination with the world and the vastness

of geography and culture.

Along the way, I found comfort in maps and architecture. Specializing in GIS

(Geographic Information Systems) has become a way for me to make sense

of the world.
Since graduating (Geography, Bar-Ilan University), I have worked in various

companies, gathered a depth of experience in manual mapping & cartography,

2D & 3D spatial analysis, and more. 

Currently, I work as a 3D GIS expert for an international mapping company

(primarily focusing on cemeteries and memorial parks). I also freelance for

GIS and 3D modeling projects.
I love refining my skills and learning new tools to keep up with the changing

demands of the industry. Please feel free to explore my portfolio to view

some of my projects. 

I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and love what I do!

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